"Florida is in many ways "restless, ever changing, ever paving over the old in an effort to upgrade for the sake of visitors," says Lamar York. As a result, this splendid book is less a portrait and more a series of mug shots of the nation's most mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up state. In an even dozen essays, York views his native soil with a dash of scorn, a spoonful of skepticism, and a ton of abiding love."


—David Kirby, author of more than 20 books of poetry and literary criticism including Saving the Young Men of Vienna

"An outstanding book of essays about Florida, Lamar York’s “Biographia Floridiana” critically examines Florida’s history and development. Ultimately, “Biographia Floridiana” is a book that evaluates the state’s past, present and possible future from a wide spectrum of perspectives. An avid essayist most of his life, York has focused his essays on what he considers to be the critical elements that have made the New-World land named by Juan Ponce de Leon the “Florida of contradictions.” There are 12 essays in “Biographia Floridiana” as well as a brief biographical preface and an even briefer introduction. The introduction mentions the current state of life in Florida and predicts a future with more significant changes than any other state in the nation. Not surprisingly, most of the changes he predicts will be geographic — the result of global warming."

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